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Programs, Educational Lectures, Instructional Workshops

While our first passion is rose gardening, our second is travel.
Here are 2 "A la Carte" Travel Programs we now offer
Paris! The City of Lights
Paris is the French at their very best, where they meld form and function into art in their architecture, fashion, food and gardens. Travel with us down the boulevards and backstreets and discover this magnificent City of Lights.
An International Virtual Garden Tour
Join us on as we visit five exceptional international gardens including the David Austin Rose Nursery in Albrighton, England as well as spectacular rose gardens in Rome and Florence. The tour continues on to a classic style French rose garden just outside of Paris and ends with a visit to the award winning La Rosaeraie at the Montreal Botanical Garden.

Choose from our series of entertaining and educational
PowerPoint programs listed below.


Mike PruningWe enjoy sharing our knowledge and experience about rose gardening by offering unique programs for your group or organization.
We present PowerPoint programs and lectures at garden clubs, flower shows, conventions, symposiums, garden centers, nurseries and private businesses as well as seminars for Master Gardeners, classes for adult education and workshops to the general public. No matter how large or small your group, you’ll learn everything you need to know about growing and caring for roses through our informative and entertaining presentations. All programs are 50-minutes long unless otherwise noted and include time for questions and answers. Hands-on workshops on planting and pruning are also available.


Robin Cusick, Swansea Garden Club, Swansea, MA

Hi Mike and Angelina,

I cannot thank you enough for such a wonderful program last evening. It was the perfect choice for our group and very informative. Mike, I liked your sense of humor and how you incorporated it into your talk. Our members enjoyed every minute. We heard so many positive comments and feedback afterward. Two guests that came to hear the presentation joined our club!!! I hope both of you have a healthy Winter and look forward to seeing you at Wine and Roses June 17th.
Most of all I thank you both for your patience and help making it all possible.

Robin Cusick

Chris Wallace, Boston, MA

Mike and Angelina,
I go to the Rhode Island Flower Show every year on the day you’re presenting just to catch your lecture. Your programs are varied and informative as well as entertaining and your command of rose horticulture is amazing. Plus I’ve never seen another garden speaker connect with the audience like you do.
I look forward to seeing you once again next season.
Cliff Wallace, Boston, MA

Dereth Ellston, Blackstone Valley Garden Club, Cumberland, RI

Dear Mike and Angelina,

It has been our pleasure to have you as guests. You always make the presentation so informative, easily understood and fun. AND it still amazes me how you remember names of people in the audience. You must make mental notes from the time you arrive until you are through the presentation.

Derry and the Best Cook Ladies of BVGC
Dereth Ellston, Blackstone Valley Garden Club

Mary Brady, Blackstone Valley Garden Club, Cumberland, RI

Hi Mike & Angie,
Again we all enjoyed your fun and informative presentation on the Fall care of roses. I always learn something new when I hear you speak and the club feels the same way. My Cherry Parfait specimen now blooming on my kitchen table is gorgeous and the foliage is utterly pristine, evidence your methods really work.
I hope you and Angie enjoy your travels and new interests. Holland in the Spring should be delightful.
Mary Brady, Blackstone Valley Garden Club

Kathryn Stellitano, Brooklyn Garden Club, Brooklyn, CT

We thank you so much! It was a wonderful program. You are both great speakers. Everyone enjoyed it thoroughly.
I know one of our members has recommended your program to another Garden Club.
Best wishes for a productive and healthy summer!
Thanks again, Kathryn
Kathryn Stellitano, Brooklyn Garden Club

Kathy Santos, Westport River Gardeners, Westport, MA

The members truly enjoyed your program. They stayed to the end because you made it so interesting and answered their questions. I had many members approach me later and say this was one of the best programs ever. You actually have some members now feeling brave enough to plant “the right rose in the right spot."
Thank you.
Kathy Santos, Westport River Gardeners

Robin Reisman, Weston Garden Club, Weston, MA
Appreciative comments about your program (and congratulations to me for choosing you) continue to come in personally and via email, and I am well-pleased. As I mentioned yesterday, I will submit the speaker evaluation form to the Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts and also record the club’s positive response in the program chair’s handbook for future chairs.
Take care and thanks again. I look forward to reading your book.
Robin Reisman, Weston Garden Club

Anna Bernath, Quononoquott Garden Club, Jamestown, RI
Dear Mike and Angie: 
I'm sorry it's taken me so long to write and tell you how much the QGC enjoyed your rose presentation on July 14 in Jamestown.
The Garden Club had their August Board meeting last week and, although I knew how much I'd enjoyed and learned from the presentation, I didn't actually know how very well received it had been by the entire club, and by the public.  We've had some very positive feedback, so thank you very much for spending your evening with us and sharing your valuable knowledge.
Thanks again for sharing your joy of roses with our garden club.  Hopefully Jamestown's roses will be the beneficiaries.
Anna Bernath, Quononoquott Garden Club

Kate Corkum, Executive Director, Rotch-Jones-Duff House & Garden Museum, New Bedford,, MA

Thanks Mike, I enjoyed your program very much--just the right blend of knowledge, practical information and fun. I hear nice comments from participants as well.
Thanks for everything,

Karla Bassler, Attleboro Garden Club, Attleboro, MA

Hi Mike and Angie,
Thanks for a great program!  Mike, you have a fun way of presenting information - folks truly enjoyed it and learned something.
Karla Bassler
Attleboro Garden Club

Katy Wardlaw, Program Chair, Barrington Garden Club, Barrington, RI

Dear Mike and Angie,
Thank you so much for your wonderful presentation to the Barrington Garden Club.  Everyone enjoyed the talk immensely and found it very informative and entertaining.  Most gardeners view roses with equal amounts of longing and trepidation and your clear, straightforward lecture made growing thriving rose plants not only possible but fun.  I have been reading your book every night and am rethinking the design of my new front garden in order to include more roses.
Katy Wardlaw
Barrington Garden Club

Toni Wood, Program Chair, Bedford Garden Club, Bedford MA

Thank YOU!  It was a great presentation, and I now feel confident to tackle roses this year. I, also, like white ones.

Martha MacDonald, Winchester Home and Garden Club

Dear Mike and Angie,
On behalf of the Winchester Home and Garden Club, we want to thank you for the terrific program yesterday. It was the best this year, and we've had some good ones.

Mary Brady, Program Chair, Blackstone Valley Garden Club, Cumberland, RI 

Hi Mike and Angie,
Thank you for your excellent presentation.  It's not often that expertise is so well complemented with high level speaking ability. You played with the audience and they loved it!!  I'm so very glad that you were able to come. Every one was very impressed and enjoyed themselves thoroughly!! You were a bit hit!!
We are now all inspired to run out and plan our new rose gardens.
Thank you both again.

Cathi Cote, University of Rhode Island MGA, Advanced Educator Coordinator

Having sat in on your talks on several occasions, I know first-hand how contagious your passion for roses is and what a great way you have of drawing your audience in.

Vivi Duke, Program Chair, Charles River Garden Club:

Thank you so much for enlightening our group with everything we need to know about roses. I learned so much and I am far from a gardener. I am only the organizer. You were so direct and funny and had all what it takes to be in a female crowd in the middle of the morning. So nice meeting you both and we will get you back next year for the "200" level class! All the best.

Dana Roberts, President, Hull, MA Garden Club

Thank you so much. The lecture was fantastic. Many of the ladies told me that it was wonderful and very informative. I expect to see many more roses around Hull. Thank you again for making my first meeting a great success.

A la CarteTravel Programs

Paris! The City of Lights

From Boulevard Montparnasse to the River Seine, from the Eiffel tower to Notre Dame Cathedral, the city of Paris is the epicenter of European culture. Join á la carte travelers Mike and Angelina Chute as they visit iconic museums -- the Louvre, the Orsay, and the Rodin. Dine with them in elegant French restaurants as well as cozy, intimate neighborhood bistros and inexpensive but delicious creperies. Wander through the famous Luxembourg gardens, stroll through stunning rose gardens and take leisurely walks along the Seine. Meander down the small, winding streets in the bohemian art colony in Montmartre, Paris’ oldest neighborhood. Explore Paris’s rich history of churches and cathedrals and see the most extraordinary collection of stained glass anywhere in the world!

An International Virtual Garden Tour

Join Mike & and Angelina Chute as they travel to 5 exceptional international rose gardens. This PowerPoint journey begins at the David Austin Rose Nursery in Albrighton, England which features hundreds of Austin’s famous English Roses exhibited in seven gorgeous garden rooms during peak bloom in early June. Next stop is Rome to visit Il Roseto, a hillside rose garden with a view of the ancient Circus Maximus with hundreds of roses uniquely planted on a grassy slope. From there you’ll go to Florence’s Giardino Delle Rose, a quiet rose garden hideaway with whimsical sculptures, that overlooks the iconic Florentine skyline. On to the classic French garden, Roseraie de L’Hay, located just outside of Paris featuring obelisks, festoons, amazing trellises and, of course, great roses. Last on the tour is La Roseraie in the Montréal Botanical Garden. This large impressive rose garden has been described as “the best public rose garden in Canada” and features more than 10,000 modern, old garden and species roses. Five extraordinary rose gardens – each a stunning display of rose horticulture.

Rose Programs

Radler Roses: Knock-Outs and Beyond

Want to learn about easy-to-grow roses beyond Knock-Outs?  Will Radler, hybridizer of the famous Knock-Out roses, has also created numerous other low maintenance, disease resistant roses. Many of these varieties are introduced in Mike and Angelina Chute’s program, “Radler Roses: Knock-Outs & Beyond,” developed with input and collaboration from Will Radler.
This PowerPoint program includes Radler’s many shrub and climbing varieties as well as his new Champion series of sustainable roses. From the fragrant Fruity Petals to his soaring Highwire Flyer, these additional Radler roses, beyond Knock-Outs, are roses that everyone can grow in their home gardens.

We will be available to sign copies of our books Roses for New England: A Guide to Sustainable Rose Gardening and Rose Gardening Season by Season: A Journal for Passionate Gardeners after the program.

Six Simple Steps to Successful Rose Gardening

It’s easy to grow beautiful roses in your home garden once you know how. Six Simple Steps to Successful Rose Gardening is one of our most popular programs because it appeals to every gardener who wants to grow roses. It explains everything you need to know in six easy-to-follow steps that take the mystery out of rose gardening. We include plenty of tips and personal anecdotes from over twenty years of rose gardening experience that demonstrate how easy it is to grow great roses. (Also available as a two-hour seminar)

We will be available to sign copies of our books Roses for New England: A Guide to Sustainable Rose Gardening and Rose Gardening Season by Season: A Journal for Passionate Gardeners after the program.

Roses for New England

Roses for New England is a special presentation for every rose-lover who wants to grow hardy, healthy, and disease resistant roses in their home gardens. This program specifically addresses the merits and challenges of rose gardening in New England. Novice rose gardeners will find everything they need to know to successfully grow roses and experienced gardeners will utilize this program as a ready reference to enable them to grow better roses. Mike and Angelina Chute’s book, Roses for New England: A Guide to Sustainable Rose Gardening is the companion reference to this program.
This program includes: six easy steps to growing roses in New England; how to select winter hardy and disease resistant varieties for New England gardens; the best way to plant and prune roses; and tips and personal anecdotes from the authors’ twenty-five years of rose gardening experience.
Roses for New England shows you how to grow roses better than you ever thought you could.
We will be available to sign copies of our books Roses for New England: A Guide to Sustainable Rose Gardening and Rose Gardening Season by Season: A Journal for Passionate Gardeners after the program.

Selecting Sustainable Roses

Sustainable roses are sturdy, attractive plants that can hold their own in a pesticide-free landscape. This program features modern, recently-introduced varieties as well as old favorites that are disease-resistant, winter hardy, easy to grow and bloom all season. Selecting Sustainable Roses delves into the core of sustainability, explains the different grades and types of roses, their growth habits and how to select the best varieties for your garden. We use the experience gained in our own sustainable rose garden as a practical model. (We also include lots of tips on basic rose gardening.) You’ll be amazed at the wide choices of color, size and fragrance that are available and will fit into any New England garden.

We will be available to sign copies of our books Roses for New England: A Guide to Sustainable Rose Gardening and Rose Gardening Season by Season: A Journal for Passionate Gardeners after the program.

David Austin's English Roses for New England Gardens

This presentation covers the history of English roses as well as the unique David Austin breeding program that focuses on hybridizing healthy, fragrant roses with superior flower form. David Austin’s English Roses for New England Gardens is a collaboration between David Austin Roses and Mike & Angelina Chute and includes old favorites as well as new introductions plus a list of varieties that are known to grow well in New England gardens. David Austin, a nurseryman from Shropshire England, combined the charm and fragrance of old garden roses with the vibrant color and remondancy (repeat bloom) of modern roses. He called these remarkable plants “English Roses” and they are now grown all over the world.

We will be available to sign copies of our books Roses for New England: A Guide to Sustainable Rose Gardening and Rose Gardening Season by Season: A Journal for Passionate Gardeners after the program.

Fool Proof Roses

Want to grow beautiful roses? Start with our fool proof varieties. Fool proof roses are easy-to-grow, disease-resistant varieties that have become all the rage in recent years. These ever-blooming roses are available in every size and color and are perfect for the home gardener. Some have fragrant, old-fashioned blooms that produce great clusters of eye-catching flowers. All are attractive and fun to grow.
This program will provide you with not only a list of easy-care roses but lots of tips and advice on rose-care that leads to a spectacular June Bloom in your garden.
We will be available to sign copies of our books Roses for New England: A Guide to Sustainable Rose Gardening and Rose Gardening Season by Season: A Journal for Passionate Gardeners after the program.

Seasonal Workshops

Planting & Pruning (Spring)

For more information about workshops contact mike@rosesolutions
We provide the laptop and digital projector for all PowerPoint programs.
You provide the screen and a table for the lap top.