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Brownell Roses

During the 1950’s, the Brownells introduced a series of “Everblooming Pillars,” a climbing form that, unlike their previous once-blooming large flowered climbers, repeated regularly on the current year’s growth. Of all the Brownell introductions spanning a half century, we believe this collection of pillars to be their finest work. These sturdy roses were truly “Sub Zero,” demonstrating excellent winter hardiness as well as above average disease resistance. These varieties are climbers and can be grown as such or, with careful pruning, as bushes. Initially, most were identified by a number until they were introduced and then given a name. For example, Everblooming Pillar No. 3 went on to become White Cap. Photo on left is White Cap and Rhode Island Red. (Read more about Brownell roses on our Articles About Roses page.) Brownell bed

We propagate these vintage Everblooming Pillars (pictured on the right) each August by grafting onto winter hardy root stock, creating ideal roses for New England gardens.
For more information on our Brownell propagation program contact

RI RedRhode Island Red
(1957, Everblooming Pillar No.19)

Our favorite Everblooming Pillar is loaded with clusters of dark red, moderately fragrant cupped blooms against a background of dense, medium green foliage. The growth habit is quite robust with heavy canes shooting out laterally as well as vertically; ideal for training along a fence or
stone wall.

White Cap
White Cap
(1954, Everblooming Pillar No. 3)

This free blooming Brownell beauty displays masses of creamy white, lightly fragrant, very double (50 to 70 petals) blooms all season long. It grows to seven feet or taller and can be trained as either a large bush or climber.

Golden ArticGolden Arctic
(1954, Everblooming Pillar No. 84)

Yellow double (35 to 40 petals) flowers bloom continuously all summer on this vigorously growing pillar that can easily grow beyond 7 feet.

Scarlet SensationScarlet Sensation
(1954, Everblooming Pillar No. 73)

Great clusters of dark pink, double (35 petals) blooms are featured on this sturdy climber that repeats several times each season.


(1948, Floribunda)

This floribunda has gorgeous pink and yellow buds that open into salmon pink open blooms (23 petals) with cheery yellow centers. Very limited availability.