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RoseSolutions is a landscape consulting company specializing in roses. Whether you live in moderate coastal southern New England, the colder central areas or the frigid far north, you can grow beautiful roses anywhere in New England and we can show you how. We offer Educational Programs, Instructional Workshops, and Consulting Services.


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Everything you need to know about growing roses is in our book!
Roses for New England:
A Guide to Sustainable Rose Gardening
(Forbes River Publishing, $21.95)
By Mike and Angelina Chute

(within the continental US)

This is the first book written for New England rose gardeners by New England rose gardeners.
(Yet our book has universal appeal with sales throughout the U.S.)

Visit our Book Page for more details and to Order Roses for New England

Comments from our Readers:

Henry Homeyer, Author & Garden Writer
Hi Mike and Angelina, Great seeing you in Providence. As I told you, doing an article on your book has been on my list for a year, and now it is happening. Congrats on a book well done. Now that I have taken the time to read it (I'm 75% done with it), I have to say it is the best I have come across on roses. Very practical, easy to read, lots of good detail. Cheers, Henry

Susan Littlefield, National Gardening Association (
“So much of the information published on selecting and growing roses seems to be for those in climates more benign than ours. That's why I was glad to see the new book Roses for New England by Mike and Angelina Chute. The authors… have years of experience growing roses in our region. Their book contains regionally appropriate information …Best of all is a section on sustainable roses that lists over 150 varieties…”

Barbara Gee: author of The Rhode Island Gardener’s Companion (
“I’ve always been terrified of roses! Thanks to your book that’s no longer the case."

Linda Shamoon: Past President Rhode Island Rose Society (
“Congratulations, Mike and Angie! The book looks beautiful and incredibly informative, the crucial book on rose growing for New Englanders.”

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